Are we Gonna Stop Now…..?

Aastha Pandey
११ जेष्ठ २०७७ ०५:४५


All the colors slowly fading away

The pandemic paints in many shades of grief

And the at this point the nature drinks coffee with me

As if it want to wrap me by it’s cozy arms ….

But who knows,

But who knows,

It sounds as if it’s laughing at us all …..

As if it is warning us for the life beyond our sight,

As if we are locked up in a deadly field …..

The field,

Where the brightness of dazzling lights blinds our vision

Where people love to feed their ego than their hungry stomach


We realized it was this pandemic the nature was warning us for

Then, the world seems to begin at home,

Protecting us in the heavy rain, sun and the deadly pandemic

It seems as if war began and ended at the same home,

And from the same home some innocent ones are dying to pay for those whose negativity stings when we lean on the wall,

Millions of life to morn, still the seeds of ego and selfishness is sown,

And after all let us face this trail of nature

With pride even though the world silently cried …

As home is the place from where the world begins let’s,

Stop right there to save our self,

Thank you

  • Aastha Pandey   
  • Bharatpur-05